Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Your health is too important for guesswork.

Why weight is not enough…

It’s just not enough to know how much you weigh. Your doctor needs to know what makes up that weight to get you to your goals.

For example, let’s say 3 different people each need to lose 20 pounds. The first person has 20 pounds of extra water retention, the second person has 20 pounds of extra body fat, and the third person has to lose a combination of 20 pounds of extra water retention and fat. Knowing the whole story helps each person know what to do next…for truly personalized and effective wellness strategies.

By offering RJL Quantum Body Composition Analysis, your doctor can see ‘what you’re really made of’, helping to design the best strategy for you.

What is BIA?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a quick, safe, and painless technology
used by leading hospitals and universities all over the world. In a matter
of minutes, just four small adhesive pads connected to the RJL BIA device
will gather the measurements needed to generate a beautiful report that
will be shared with you by your doctor. This accurate view of ‘what you’re
really made of’ will help your doctor design and customize a wellness plan to
help you reach your goals.

About RJL Systems

RJL Systems is the originator and innovator of modern Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for professional body composition. For over 35 years, RJL BIA has been trusted by leading practitioners and researchers all over the world. In that time, BIA has been featured in over 2000 scientific articles and published peer-reviewed research studies. RJL Quantum BIA analyzers have been cleared by the FDA as Class II medical device, with software serving ages 3-94. RJL Systems is a Michigan-based company, and certified ISO 13485:2003.

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    What Will I Get?

    • Fat Mass Index
    • Fat-Free Mass
    • Fat-Free Mass Index
    • Intracellular Water
    • Extracellular Water
    • Lean Dry Mass
    • Lean Soft Tissue
    • Skeletal Muscle Mass
    • Bone Mineral Content
    • Body Mass Index
    • Daily Energy Expenditure
    • Basal Metabolic Rate
    • Phase Angle
    • Food & Fitness ideas
      and more!

    Preparing for your BIA

    Do not consume alcohol for 12 hours before the test
    2. Do not consume caffeine (coffee, tea, ‘energy’ drinks, soda
    pop) for 8 hours before the test
    3. Do not exercise or take a sauna 8 hours before the test
    Notify your BIA technician if you have engaged in any of the
    activities listed above.

    Once you are in the testing room

    Remove any metal and/or magnetic jewelry, therapeutic
    magnets, communication devices, and cellphone away
    from the body
    2. Remove your right shoe and sock or nylon stocking
    3. Remove any objects from your right wrist and hand




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