Dr. Lynn Flowers MD, MHA, MSHS

About Dr.  Lynn Flowers MD, MHA, MSHS

Dr. Flowers has been a board certified medical doctor for over 20 years. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. In 2018, he completed his Masters of Science in Integrative Medicine at George Washington University. He received his Masters of Health Administration at the University of North Carolina and his Medical Degree from University of South Carolina.

He served in many capacities in healthcare including medical director, physician executive and was a Commander in the U. S. Navy working to keep our service members and their families healthy  to serve their country.

During his advanced studies in Anti-Aging medicine, he completed a fellowship in Regenerative and Functional Medicine and has been studying and researching Integrative Medicine for 15 or more years.  His vast experience in traditional medicine and integrative medicine makes him the perfect physician to design plans that keep patients healthy as they age.

Read Dr. Flowers personal journey:

Years ago I began the search for ways to improve my personal performance and wellness. The ultimate goal, vitality and strength. I began my search for my own desire to overcome negative effects of chronic disease and to avoid the ravages of Parkinson’s disease that has affected my father. I have discovered the vast majority of these problems are completely preventable by lifestyle measures and healthy metabolic support. After years of traditional clinical practice, I also realized that this type of medicine only caters to sickness and not to wellness. With this knowledge, I am compelled to make a change. To change the way I think, to change the way I practice, to change the lives of my patients rather than catching up after a lifetime of unhealthy choices. We must focus on optimal wellness instead of sitting on the sidelines until disease has manifested as illness.

Our Doctor’s Philosophy:

We are committed to serve every patient with integrity, treat them with respect, and put their interest before our bottom line. We believe in values that are rooted in Biblical principles.

We believe that relationships are the heart of any successful business or organization. We will treat our associates, customers, business partners and shareholders the way we would expect to be treated, with respect and courtesy, and always with their best interests in mind.

We believe in a balance in all things and we will encourage our associates to balance their professional lives with their personal lives.

We believe in a sense of community and we will foster a culture of creativity, learning, personal growth, caring, belonging, and giving back to our community.




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