Hormonal balance is essential for the healthy and active lifestyle regardless of age.   Fatigue, lack of desire and zest for life can all be symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  At Flowers Medical Group, we perform individualized assessments and develop treatment plans specific to your needs. We work with you to achieve the right balance for youthful appearance, good energy and lower your disease risk. Read more about hormone therapy on our pages below. Contact us for your free 30-minute phone consultation to get started. 678-303-4420


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Hormone Replacement FAQ

How do I get started with hormone replacement?

Hormone replacement therapy will be given only after a full physical assessment of symptoms and labs is conducted by Dr. Flowers. Saliva and sometimes blood testing will be done along with a complete evaluation of symptoms. He will then design a plan that meets your needs as a patient with your input. We only treat patients with hormonal deficiencies.

When should I think about replacing my hormones?

Around age 35 hormone levels have normally declined enough that symptoms may be evident. The best time to start replacing hormones is when you start to notice symptoms that affect your quality of life. In most people this happens between the ages of 35 and 50. However, this can happen at any age due to illness or disease.

How are the hormones replaced?

Testosterone is replaced using either injections, a testosterone cream, patch or a transdermal topical gel formulated to your needs that is applied to the surface of the skin in order to increase low testosterone levels. Estrogen and progesterone are taken via a specially formulated cream. Progesterone can also be taken in a capsule orally.  HGH, Human Growth Hormone also known as Somatropin, is taken by injection only.

What are your hormone therapy prices?

Each patient is unique with varying needs. Our policy is to fully assess all aspects of a patients’ life and design a plan to meet the needs of that individual. This is why there is no set price for services. Your options will be discussed during your evaluation with Dr. Flowers.

Is hormone therapy safe?

Yes. There are many studies that support the safety of hormone use. We use only bio-identical hormones and work closely with respected pharmacies in the area when prescribing. Hormone replacement is only given when a deficiency is detected and monitoring by a specially trained physician like Dr. Flowers is crucial when replacing hormones. Bio-identical hormone doses are kept at the lowest level possible and tailored to each patient.

Are there side effects?

As with any medical program there is always a chance of minor side effects. Because our doctors only prescribe medically appropriate dosages side effects are minimal. These side effects go away by reducing the dosage of the hormone medication. All of our programs include follow up lab testing to ensure the correct treatment dosage and minimize side effects even further.




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