Lee Haney

TotaLee Awesome, is the phrase that best describes the magnitude of Lee Haney.  Lee Haney is Mr. Olympia! – having captured bodybuilding’s most coveted prize for eight consecutive contests, he was the youngest (age 24), to capture the title and earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.  He scored two perfect scores in 1986, the first in the sport!

Lee has authored three books – TotaLee Awesome, Ultimate Bodybuilding, and Beyond The Pump.

He has an extensive, yet impressive list of awards and recognitions – awarded by the United States Sports Academy, the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Bellsouth and Coca Cola (Atlanta) Centennial Award for his work associated with Haney’s Harvest House, and the prestigious position as Chair of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness (during the Clinton Administration).

He also received a Lifetime Achievement award from former Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger for his contributions to society as a whole.

This past March he was inducted into The International Sports Hall of fame.

An honor given to only a select few.

Revered among his peers in the sports and fitness arena, Lee has trained and worked with such athletes as Evander Holyfield, Shawn Bradley, Gary Sheffield, Shannon Sharpe, and nationally known comedian Steve Harvey, giving him the reputation of “trainer of champions.”

Lee’s latest endeavors include the introduction of his very own nutritional supplement line, “Lee Haney Nutrition,”  which also features online exercise and fitness support. He recently created his own personal training organization called the International Association of Fitness Science Inc.,  as a means of services the fitness needs of people at every level of society.

Lee, had a top rated television show airing on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) station – “TotaLee fit” (a health and fitness program); and a recently published book (autobiography of his life) – “Beyond the Pump: A Personal Testimony.”

Lee earned an undergraduate degree in youth counseling from Spartanburg Methodist College (where his is a native).  He is married to his second grade sweetheart, Shirley Draper Haney, and they have two children – Joshua and Olympia Haney.

In 1992, Lee and his wife, Shirley, began a nonprofit organization called Haney’s Harvest House. The Harvest House serves as a year-a-round mentoring program for young men, its mission is to help save a generation at risk through teaching character, respect for society and love for ones self.

Lee has been esteemed throughout the world of sports and fitness, but most importantly, he is a man of God – witnessing of God’s power.  Lee shares his personal testimony at churches across the United States, “Out of all the things I’ve achieved, this by far, is the greatest reward.”

8-time Mr. Olympia

Lee Haney





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