Custom Fitness Training

Flowers Medical Group is now offering individualized fitness training!

Meet the trainer:

My name is Ja’Deon (Jay) Carreker, and I’ve been in the health performance field for more than 7 years. I received a master’s degree in sports medicine from Georgia Southern University and surrounded it with a plethora of certifications and specialties, including corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning coach, weight loss specialist, senior fitness specialist, and certified nutrition coach. My mission is to promote the seamless integration of health and wellness into traditional lifestyle using educational and motivational methods. It is my belief that there is no difference between traditional and healthy lifestyles because a healthy lifestyle should be tradition. I would be honored to be a part of your journey to healthy living!

Personal Training Packages

Free Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is one of the most important elements of your journey. It is broken into two portions: the subjective questionnaire and comprehensive fitness analysis. During the subjective questionnaire portion, you will sit and discuss your goals, current barriers that you face in pursuing them, and create a personalized plan to help you overcome them. We will also discuss your exercise and nutrition history, along with any underlying health conditions that you may currently have.

During the comprehensive fitness analysis, you will undergo different physical assessments to serve as a baseline. We will also use these measurements to highlight any other areas that you may need to improve upon. The comprehensive fitness analysis consists of the following:

  • Body Composition Measurements
  • Static Postural Screen
  • Dynamic Postural Screen
  • Cardiovascular assessment


  • 3 1-hr sessions/week = $125/session
  • 2 1-hr sessions/week = $150/session


  • 3 1-hr sessions/week = $150/session
  • 2 1-hr sessions/week = $170/session


Included with each package:

  • Personalized nutrition plan and nutrition tracker
  • Gold-standard body composition tracking
  • Virtual workouts and demonstrations
  • Daily check-ins
  • Specialized app modified to fit your specific goals




1950 Spectrum Cir Suite 505 A. Marietta GA 30067


Monday – Friday   8am – 4pm